2 Years Old | Neutered Male
BREED: Rottweiler
TRAINING: In process

MANGO | Mango is a 2 year old neutered male Rottweiler. Mango came to us from a partner animal shelter in rural Central California where he was a stray. But the story does not stop there. As a stray in farm country, Mango came across 5 Chihuahua’s that were being walked on retractable leashes. You can imagine what followed. They say it took 5 law enforcement units, the fire department and animal control to untangle the mess. As a result, his future at the shelter was bleak. He did very well during our initial evaluation, has quickly become a favorite of the trainers and shows great promise.

Mango is still new to us, but we have found him to be very affectionate and willing to learn. While Chihuahua’s or cats are not going to be in his future, it’s likely that he may one day do quite well in a home with another dog. Mango is still a spunky teenager in need of training, but we are working to give him the second chance he deserves. Consistency, exercise and intellectual stimulation will help his transition to family life.

Come meet Mango!

4 thoughts on “Mango

    1. admin Post author

      Not ready to free-roam with another large dog yet. He will get there, but in the meantime, will require supervision and more training.


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