2 Years Old | Spayed Female
BREED: German Shepherd
TRAINING: Just Beginning

SCARLETT | Scarlett is a 2 year old spayed female German Shepherd who is very new to our program. Scarlett was surrendered to a public animal shelter after living as an outdoor dog in a home with young children, where she had lived since she was a puppy. This turn of events was very traumatic for Scarlett and so she is understandably needy. She is excitable, yet friendly and desperately seeks attention from staff and volunteers. She is reactive to other dogs. Our plan is to socialize her to new situations and provide her with the training she needs to thrive in a permanent, loving home.

Since Scarlett is new, and since we have just started to work with her on obedience skills and reactivity to people and other animals, she is not yet available for adoption. Stay tuned, though – we expect her to blossom into a sweet and charming family member in no time!