About TDFA A Word from Our President

A Word From Our President

Welcome to Trained Dogs for Adoption (TDFA)!

We are a small, but mighty, Los Angeles-based non-profit rescue organization that was formed to give a second chance to German Shepherd dogs that most animal shelters and rescue organizations have been unable to help. Given the overwhelming number of dogs that appear each day at the front door of animal welfare organizations, it is easy to understand why only the most docile survive. If you have ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with a German Shepherd dog, you know how smart, protective and mischievous they can be. Unfortunately, these very traits can be a death sentence for a German Shepherd at an overcrowded animal shelter. Rather than look the other way, TDFA actively seeks, trains and place these dogs in loving and qualified homes. We frequently meet these dogs on the worst day of their lives. On that day and until they get placed, we are all they have. As a result, we know our dogs better than most, and can give potential adopters a more complete picture of the dog’s temperament and personality. We believe that this unique process is fundamental to matching you with the right dog. If you have room in your heart for one of these beautiful souls, please contact us. Your best friend is waiting for you.

Tom Peters has substantial experience in the assessment, taming, care and training of fractious, difficult-to-place German Shepherd dogs. For more than a decade, Tom has worked with hundreds of German Shepherd rescue dogs on behalf of numerous and various dog rescue organizations. He has volunteered at public shelters, rescue kennels, commercial kennels and sanctuaries. Tom has successfully fostered dominant large-breed dogs in his own home with his own German Shepherd dogs. He credits his understanding of the German Shepherd breed to the years he has spent observing, assessing, taming, befriending and training the dogs in a kennel environment where they wait, sometimes for years, until they find their permanent home.

Tom has used his collective previous experience as a hander and trainer, tamer, foster and dog photographer to form and manage Trained Dogs For Adoption, a rescue dedicated to the placement of lost or abandoned dogs that have been forsaken by shelters, other rescues and owners that are without the skills and commitment necessary for the responsible and devoted care of the animal.