Adoption Application

TDFA – Adoption Application

Please review and complete the entire document. Be truthful and provide complete answers, especially when describing your experience and the desired temperament of your new dog. This form will assist us in matching you with the right dog. An adoption fee will apply. Since Trained Dogs for Adoption [TDFA] places a wide variety of dogs, the adoption fee is specific to each individual dog and is based, upon their health, temperament, age and other considerations. Generally, the adoption fee for an adult dog is $350. A home visit is required prior to the approval of any adoption.

  • Which Dog are you applying for?

  • Your Information

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  • Full Time Family Members (Please list all)

  • Personal References

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  • Your Home Environment

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  • The Care of Your Dog

  • If you are unable or unwilling to keep this dog, the TDFA Adoption Contract requires that you return this dog to the custody of TDFA and no one else rather than to a shelter or another private party. Do you agree to these terms?

  • By submitting this agreement/application, I certify that the information I have provided above is true and accurate.  I understand and agree that Trained Dogs for Adoption [TDFA] has the right to reject this application and/or remove the dog from my possession if TDFA discovers that the attached information is not true and/or accurate.  Submission of a TDFA Adoption Application does not guarantee adoption.  I understand and agree that TDFA has the right to decline this application and the adoption of any dog under the care of TDFA.  I understand that applications are not prioritized and dogs are not placed on a first-come first-served basis.  Rather, TDFA places dogs in homes that TDFA, in its sole opinion, considers are the best fit for the dog and its new family members.  I authorize the veterinarian and references listed in this application to release any information requested by TDFA in connection with the questions posed above.  I understand that TDFA requires the execution of an Adoption Contract and that the terms of that contract will be strictly enforced.  I further understand that TDFA has the right to reclaim this animal in accordance with the terms described in the TDFA Adoption Contract if TDFA determines that the animal has been neglected or abused.

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