3-year old
German Shepherd
In process

FUZZY | Trained Dogs for Adoption was formed to assist dogs like Fuzzy that have histories that preclude them from placement at most public animal shelters. Rather than stand by and allow them to languish and die in animal shelters, TDFA provides them with an opportunity to flourish and find the love and security of a qualified and permanent home.

Fuzzy is a 3-year old male German Shepherd that, along with his St. Bernard sister, were impounded and designated as Potentially Dangerous Dogs after their apparent attack on a neighbor’s Dalmation, that resulted in the death of the Dalmation. For 7-months he was held at a public animal shelter on an administrative hold. During this time, shelter staff discovered that Fuzzy was a loving and docile dog. The shelter contacted TDFA and requested that we evaluate Fuzzy for our program.

Well, our meeting with Fuzzy went exceptionally well. After investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident and his temperament, we agreed to accept him into our rehabilitation and adoption program. It was clear that Fuzzy had bonded with his caretakers at the shelter and that they had bonded with him. These positive and healthy relationships surely contributed to his happy disposition during his lengthy shelter stay and formed the basis for his willingness to trust his new TDFA caregivers after leaving the shelter. Subsequently, TDFA undertook a comprehensive assessment of Fuzzy’s temperament, provided him with professional obedience training and socialized him with new people and multiple environments. As a result of our work with Fuzzy, the County released him from his Potentially Dangerous Dog designation.

Since TDFA has not seen any indication that Fuzzy is inappropriately dog aggressive, we remain confused by Fuzzy’s alleged participation in the incident with the neighbor’s dog. Since Fuzzy is a follower, not a leader, we suspect that he followed his companion to the neighbor’s yard, rather than independently instigate an attack. Unfortunately, nobody will ever really know for sure how or why this event occurred. TDFA believes that Fuzzy is not a threat to public safety. On the contrary, Fuzzy is a loving dog that is highly adoptable. Our conclusion is confirmed by his advocates at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center that cared for him during his 7-month stay at the shelter. Fuzzy is a loving dog that could use a second chance in life. Please consider him as your new family member. We would be happy to share the detailed report we prepared on Fuzzy’s behalf for the County that resulted in Fuzzy’s release from all restrictions.