2 Years Old | Neutered Male
BREED: Rottweiler
TRAINING: In process

JOEY | Not long ago, we received an urgent request from one of our partner animal shelters to come assess a young male Rottweiler and determine if he would be a good candidate for our program. Joey, who had become a favorite of the adoption coordinator at the shelter, was not doing well in the shelter environment. He was being passed over for adoption because his playful personality and sweet face were hidden beneath the burden of his unfortunate circumstances. Like so many, his time had run out.

When we first received him into our care, he was very thin and malnourished. His coat was dry and unkempt. Joey clearly had led a difficult life prior to joining us. Since that time, he has blossomed into a happy and loving dog. While his is young [probably just 2 years old], he is on the small side for a dog of his breed and easy to walk. He loves to roll in the grass and prefers a quieter lifestyle. He would love to sit in your lap and thank you for giving him a second chance.

Joey is anxious to start his new life – can you help him realize that dream? Come meet your new best friend!