6 Year Old Spayed Female
BREED: Rottweiler
TRAINING: In Process

ROSIE | At the urgent request of one of our partner animal shelters, we agreed to take Rosie into our safety net. Rosie had been picked up by Animal Control as a stray with her sibling. When the shelter contacted their owners, they broke her heart by leaving her behind – choosing only to retrieve her sibling. She had no idea why she was abandoned at the shelter and neither do we. She is a loving and gentle soul that wants nothing more than a happy home and someone to shower with affection. Now that she is safe, she has had a lot of healing to do. With healing comes deep sleep. We have discovered that she has an endearing snore that adds to her charming personality. Each day as we get to know Rosie, more of her sweet disposition comes to life. As she is able to leave more of her troubled past behind, she is becoming the beautiful girl she was meant to be. Come meet Rosie!