2 Year Old Neutered Male
BREED: German Shepherd
TRAINING: Just Beginning

SAM | Meet “Sam I Am”. A magnificently beautiful German Shepherd with history. One of missions as an organization is to work with select cases that society has deemed hopeless. Sam was designated as a Potentially Dangerous Dog [PDD] by the County of Los Angeles. We believe that the county had good reason to be concerned about Sam’s ability to mainstream directly into a new home like most other dogs. But with proper training and socialization, we believed that he had the potential to make the right person a wonder companion.

We accepted him into our program with the PDD designation. The designation comes with great restrictions, but we have dealt successfully with those challenges before. When the time is right, we will apply for his release from his restrictions and responsibly place him in a loving and secure home. Until that time, Sam is not available. Stay tuned, though, his progress has been substantial and we expect great things from Sam in the near future.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Sam I Am!