Volunteer Application

Please review and complete the entire document. Be truthful and provide complete answers, especially when describing your experience. Since all rescue dogs have unique temperaments and physical conditions, this form will assist us in matching you with the right dog. After you have completed and submitted this form, a Trained Dogs for Adoption [TDFA] representative will contact you to discuss volunteering opportunities.

You can also download the application here and fax it to us if that is better for you.

Volunteer Information
First Name: Last Name:
Address: Address 2:
City: State / Zip:
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Employer: Work Phone:
Preferred method of contact: Home phone Best time to contact you:
Age: 25-40 40-60 over 60
Who should we contact in case of emergency?
Name: Relationship:
Do you have any physical limitations or medical conditions that we should consider when coordinating your volunteer activity?
If so, please explain:    
Please provide three personal references that have first-hand knowledge of your animal experience.
[At least one of the references should not be a family member. Please contact your references and ask them to expect a call from TDFA]:
Name: Name:
Phone: Phone:
Email: Email:
Relationship: Relationship:
Experience With Animals
Have you ever done rescue work before: Which organization:
Do you currently volunteer for other rescue organizations? Which organization:
Do you currently have dogs? What kind/how many?

Please describe your experience, if any, with large breed dogs, especially German Shepherds:

Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

If so, explain:
What kind of dog temperaments are you comfortable working with?
(if friendly to other dogs and people) High drive and dog aggressive High drive - dog and people aggressive
What size of dog are you comfortable working with?
Medium [60-85 lbs] Large over 85 lbs
How would you rate your dog handling skills? Beginner Some experience Expert
Are you comfortable approaching dogs that you do not know? Yes No

Do you work with animals [veterinary, boarding, grooming, training etc]?

If so, please explain:
Would you be willing to foster a dog? Yes No

Interests and Special Skills

Dog walking Training Vet runs Website
Home visits Adoption Counselor Owner surrenders Mailings
Fund raising Adoption Event Handler Adoption Event Coordinator Transport
Bathing / grooming Public speaking Photography Artwork
Marketing Phone calls Screen applicants Writing
Please explain:

By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have provided above is true and accurate. I understand and agree that TDFA has the right to reject this application. I have read and will submit the attached Waivers & Releases. Thank you for submitting this application.