German Shepherd /Rottweiler Mix
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YANCY | Yancy is a German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix that displays the best traits of both breeds. When we were contacted by a local public animal shelter that was advocating on his behalf, we were moved by his story. Through no fault of his own, Yancy was bounced from home to home, received a neuter that required corrective surgery [from which he completely recovered] and then ran out of time at the animal shelter.

The shelter’s attempts to network him to other rescues proved fruitless. One look at his face will tell you why we could not say no. Despite a bit of grey on his snoot, he appears to be no more than 5-years old. He is as loving as any dog we have seen. Yancy will be a wonderful family dog that would respond well to in-home obedience. The endearment he shows in his photographs is real.

Come meet this deserving soul.