8 years old
In process

BO | Bo is a charming 8-year old male Rottweiler. He was recovered as a stray when he was about 12 months old after local residents had threatened to shoot him. Bo lived in a commercial boarding kennel for many years until he was offered a spot in our program. Like many Rottweilers, Bo is very bonded to the individuals he respects and trusts. In fact, he would rather sit on your lap than go for a walk. In January, 2012, in the midst of his training, Bo was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Because of the generosity and kindness of his many benefactors, we have been able to treat Bo’s Lymphoma with chemotherapy.

Like many dogs, he tolerates the treatments with very minimal side effects. He is currently in remission and living comfortably in a permanent foster home. Bo does not know that he is ill. He has no symptoms and sleeps each night in a loving home next to his German Shepherd brothers. The beauty of being a dog with cancer in remission: they don’t know – they don’t care.