5 years old.
German Shepherd
In process

FEATHER | When we first met Feather at the shelter, we cringed. Feather had raging, oozing sores and bald patches that looked so painful, we immediately rushed her off to receive much needed veterinary care. Feather had been an owner turn-in at the shelter. The shelter was so alarmed at her condition, that they were consider pressing charges of animal cruelty against her previous owner. Feather’s diagnosis was simple infection. With a steady dose of antibiotics and some loving care she has fully recovered. As you can see from her photos, she is a beautiful dog who has recovered both physically and emotionally.

Feather is approximately 5 years old. She is a happy and loyal girl who has been an enthusiastic student in her regular training sessions. She has proven herself to be very patient with young children and very respectful of the elderly. She is the perfect dog for a first-time German Shepherd owner. Feather is a beautiful dog with enormous potential – please come meet her.