2-year old
German Shepherd
In process

CANDY | Candy is a gorgeous 2-year old female German Shepherd that ran out of time at a public animal shelter. She is new to our organization, so we are still getting to know her. Candy was adopted from the shelter by a senior citizen with a very small dog. For several reasons, this adoption was not likely to succeed. Candy is an enthusiastic dog that has never been properly socialized around other dogs. While she absolutely adores people, she currently gets very agitated around other dogs. This behavior is compounded by her lack of obedience training. As a result, Candy was returned to the shelter where she quickly ran out of viable options.

We have recently started her obedience training and will soon teach her how to behave with restraint around other dogs. We do not anticipate that she will need much work around people – she loves them and they love her. While we do not consider her to be obedience trained, we suspect that she will be snatched up by her charm and good looks prior to completing our program. If you live in a home without another dog or have previous experience obedience training a German Shepherd, Candy would likely fit nicely into your home as-is. However, if you don’t fit into this category, check back with us shortly to witness her transformation.