7 years old
German Shepherd
In process

HAPPY | TDFA was formed for dogs just like Happy.  The unfortunate truth is that dogs like this would never have been given a second chance at life without the skill of experienced handlers and rescue organizations.
This story started when TDFA was alerted to a German Shepherd at a local animal shelter that was behaving aggressively towards kennel staff.  Sadly, most shelters do not have the time or the staff to properly determine the root cause of the behaviors they see when the dog is captured as a stray or isolated in a kennel.  When dogs display such behavior, they are frequently isolated even from the shelter staff.  As a result, they are not given an opportunity to interact normally with the people they encounter at the shelter.   Shelters rarely make such dogs available for adoption to the general public.  Sometimes, it is even difficult for a qualified rescue to persuade the shelter to release them to their care.

TDFA performed an on-site temperament test on the dog to evaluate the likelihood that it could be safely re-homed.  Based on that examination, we considered it to be a strong candidate for our training and rehabilitation program.
While we waited for him to be released to us from the custody of the shelter, we visited him each day, for 10 consecutive days.  Each day we brought him fresh chicken and a kind word.  By the time he was released from the shelter, we had already established a positive, trusting relationship.  On that day, we optimistically named him “Happy”.  While that name initially got a chuckle from the shelter staff, he soon lived up to his namesake.
Happy went from the shelter to a boarding facility for his training.  Within one month, Happy decompressed from the stress of his previous life and blossomed into a sweet and loving dog.  Shortly after coming into our care, he shed what seemed like pounds of fur.  After receiving healthy food, loving attention and proper training, his coat now shines.

Now, at age 7, Happy is ready to start life anew.  If you are a confident handler with previous shepherd experience and want a buddy that will love you for life, consider Happy.  The payoff will be big.