AGE: 6
German Shepherd
In process

RICKY | Ricky is a large spectacular 6 year-old male German Shepherd that was dumped in a public animal shelter by his previous owner. While Ricky is clearly a very smart dog, it was clear that he had never been trained or properly socialized by his previous owner. Since shelter life is especially difficult for a smart and active German Shepherd like Ricky, his options were extremely limited. TDFA however, specializes in the rehabilitation of these magnificent dogs and we were thrilled to bring him into our program.

When we met Ricky, he suffered from raging ear infections in both ears. We immediately treated his ears by providing him with a surgical cleaning and a strong dose of antibiotics. Ricky has made a full recovery. Ricky’s energy is very high for his age. He loves his trainers and is learning how to properly socialize with the general public. The tips of ears tell us that he was an “outside dog” at his previous home. This often explains a dog’s inexperience with the general public. Ricky’s training is in process.

Due to his size and enthusiasm, we recommend him for an adult-only home. Ricky is ready for a fresh start in life. Want a challenge? Ricky is your boy!