approx. 4 years old (Dec. 2011)
German Shepherd (classic)
In progress

TONTO | Tonto is spectacular in every way.  He is a quintessential working shepherd with high drive.  Tonto is approximately 4 years old, exceptionally smart and agile, but has a mischievous side that will forever keep you on your toes. Tonto was turned in to the shelter by his owner for biting a stranger. The shelter and other rescues turned him down indicating that he was “too much dog”. He loves to please and thrives in the hands of skilled handler. Tonto’s traits, while highly desirable to the experienced shepherd owner, are a death sentence at the shelter. Most rescues do not pull a dog like Tonto because a dog like this simply takes longer to place than other shepherds. Accordingly, Tonto was facing a death sentence. What a waste that would have been. Training is in process.