6-7 Years Old | Neutered Male
BREED: German Shepherd
TRAINING: In process

ANDY | ANDY is a 6 or 7 year old male German Shepherd with a heart of gold. After receiving a plea from a local animal shelter, we accepted him into our program and vowed to find him a loving home. There are many advantages to adopting a middle-aged dog like Andy. They are already well mannered and used to living in a home. Their destructive phase is usually long gone. What you see is what you get – they won’t get any bigger. Their coloring won’t change. In Andy’s case, he has already received basic obedience training and is house-trained. Adult dogs are usually better focused and more attentive than adolescent dogs. They don’t have excess energy to burn and will gladly sit at your feet and listed to all of your stories over and over again. Most importantly, they will be forever grateful that you picked them. Please consider Andy as your new family companion.